Checking in & Welcome New Members :


First off I would like to welcome all the new members.  It has been so amazing to get such a great response after the relaunch to the website.  All of your support is helping us get through the post-production craziness. 

What has been happening?

Well, it has been a tough month.  First Tony, our editor, got bit on his hand by a dog and needed stiches.  There was a lot of editing with one finger.  


For me things have been tough and had to take a month break from everything.  We have a family member who just got the worst news with her cancer battle and the whole family had to come together.  As I move into the kids spring break, I will spend the next to weeks with the family as we help her through her next stages of the fight.  

Before all of our personal problems take over the production Tony, Jordan and I met to talk about the schedule for the film and make sure that we are balancing our personal life, work and the film.  Tony passed us the rough edit of Act one and two for notes.  I watched it last night and am so exited to get back to editing in April.

Thanks again.

More to come.....


Posted on March 17, 2015 .