All that lost footage

From Nanette:

"So excited to hear the progress of the editing of your film.  Just wanted to say that I hope the clips that end up on the editing room floor don't get lost.  It would be cool to have an 'unedited' version one day, after the film is a huge success.  Us fans would love to see all that you compiled in your search for Terry."



Response from Michelle:

"Great minds think alike.   Our first string out was three and half hours!  This past two weeks has been about cleaning, scrubbing and cut down.  The only thing that makes me OK with loosing all the little stories is the thought of sharing them on the website.   On day the Members Lounge video page will be so awesome.  Now we just need to finish up the film!  Thanks for helping with the fan page. You rock!"

The lovely Nanette is the main administrator for the Terry Kath Fan Page.  

Posted on May 15, 2015 .