Letter tell so much:


Some of us "older" guys choose not to participate with Facebook. But your website is awesome. I think "Introduction" epitomizes all that Terry is, and his great talents - composing great melodies, arranging a full band, superb vocals, and obviously his awesome guitar work! That's my vote.

And why hasn't someone like Fender built an affordable Terry Kath tribute Telecaster? It is such a functional instrument offering options standard Tele's do not have, like the Strat Vibrato system, and bridge Humbucker.

John W

HI John

Thanks for reaching out.  'Introduction' is a killer track and was talked about by everyone we interviewed.  In fact, we used it to kick off the film.  Can't wait to share all the knowledge about the song that was shed on us.

Regarding the Fender guitar, we couldn't agree more.  I will leave it at that.

Best Michelle

Posted on June 23, 2015 .