My Letter To Danny

Hello and hope your travels are safe,

So I am playing around with songs that are proud pleasers and song that have good breaks in them with my Dad’s sound (voice or guitar).  It’s pretty cool cause I can hear where you can come in and, with some stuff, I can drop out the song, you play and then I mix in the next track.  

Also, messed around with Free Form Guitar and found a cool way to work that over some drums.  Would be a pretty rad moment.

I am open to your thoughts on songs too.  Trying to think of a good opener and a feel good closer.  Here is the list, in kind of an order.  Just been mixing and playing with it.

25 or 6 to 4


It Better End Soon

Free Form Guitar mix with live drum

Saturday in The Park  ( want to mix in De La Soul ‘Saturday’ drum sample.  May be a cool DJ drum moment)


Make Me Smile

I’m a Man


Also thinking about how to fit in Introduction & Feeling Stronger Everyday possibly as the closer.

What day would work for you next week?  I leave Monday the 12th.  

Much love from LA

Michelle Sinclair

Posted on September 6, 2016 .