Last weeks shoot:

Hello All! Last week was a crazy week. It was one of those weeks were everything happens all at once and you just have to roll with the punches. With the sequence of events playing themselves out (I wont bore you with the details) I had scheduled a shoot day for the documentary. That is something I really didn't want to cancel. With years of talking to people about the project and to finally have the chance to film with them, canceling was the last thing I wanted to do.

Again, with out going into too much detail, last Wednesday I left at home my injured husband(Tuesday night he got in a moped accident on our street. (nothing broken just pretty banged up)), family visiting from Scotland and the children to head out with crew and learn more about my father. It was worth it.

There were two people I met up with. First I visited with Danny Seraphine. This was a really good one. Very intimate and heartfelt. Danny was open with me and shared a lot about their first bands, the relationship while on tour and how he felt leading up to my Dad's passing. It was very emotional and I thank him for sharing with me.

There was another rare gem he passed on to me. As I don't want to give away everything I find along the journey, I will give a hint. It has to do with music...

Next I visited with my god-father Mario. He started the Rainbow and the Whiskey A Go Go and was good friends with my Dad. Obviously since my Dad made him my God-Father. Mario and his sons run things over there and it is a very close family run business. They allowed the crew and I to invade their space for an hour, which I am truly grateful for. That place is a true piece of music history and helps to tell my Dad's story.

Booking next month's shoot! Stay tuned...


Posted on May 23, 2013 and filed under News updates.