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Letter From Michelle: Wearing Many Hats:

Dear Members,

As fall is upon us, the ever changing of the seasons reminds me that life is continuously moving forward.  The summer has been a time for me to slow down and focus on the top priority, which is family.  I have been thinking about my members because it has been a really long time since I have visited the lounge.  I also realize that this is a really good place for me to write and share with you something a little more personal about what is going on behind the scenes.  But now that school is back, there is free time that has opened up for the mama.  Time that I can dedicate to this space where I plan to share with you my journey as it unfolds.

What exactly is the journey?  It is a journey to discover my father and try to better understand who he was. The reality is this is only part of the journey, one which I take when I am filming or in production.   But this is also a journey of a first time film maker.  It started with a desire to know my father, then I have an idea to make a documentary to expose his talents to the world, which intern forces me to become a film maker.  You see, because I am making this film I must wear many hats.  At times this is frustrating because I simply want to make the film and share with people like yourself.  But I am quickly learning that time and money rules all in the independent film world.  A battle I chip at each day.

Many of you are probably wondering what has been happening this past year since the success of our first campaign.  Even though it may seem like not much progress has been made (believe me, I have days where I am pulling my hair out waiting for the next stage) there have been some really wonderful things that have helped to push us into production.  The past year we finally launched the official Terry Kath website and made our first official stickers (coming to the shop soon).  Wilder Knight, an academy award winning producer, has joined the team (please click on his name to see his filmography).  There are a couple of potential shoot dates coming up which I have been waiting a long time for.  And Dollena is constantly coming up with creative fund raising efforts.  Mean while I am setting temporary goals to keep moving forward.

I will at least take time to visit the members lounge once a month and share with you what is happening the making of this film.

Thank you for being a member.

You Rock!


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