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Another Guitarist

Hello All

Here is a picture Grateful Grateful Grateful Dean DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots.  He was so nice and excited to talk about my Dad.  Grateful for another guitarist to join the project.



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Reflections on the Ranch

Last week I finaly made it to Caribou Ranch.  I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing trip it was.  All I can tell people when they ask me how it was is that they will see it in the film.   I knew that this was a special trip and really wanted to bring my mom.  She was nervouse about revisiting this time in her life but in the end agreed to to come.  She knew that it would be emotional and (geez) we would be filming it, but she also know she would regret it if she didn't come. The little twist in the story, and the reason we had to make the trip fast, was that the Ranch was in the middle of changing hands.  It has been sold.  Over the past couple months I had been bugging their offices about getting up there and finaly got a call saying that the keys were switching owners in 14 days and I had better get up there.  I scrambled to make arangments.  Between the crew, my mom, my DJ schedule and the folks at the ranch it is a mircle that we made it up there.  We were literally the very last people to visit Caribou Ranch on the very last day the folks of the ranch would work there.  It was emotional for everyone there that day.

I can't wait to share this trip in the film.  The guys we meet at the Ranch were so welcoming.  Some I had talked with over the phone for years.  Others knew my mom and Dad well and they hadn't seen eachother in decades.   For now here are some pictures.  Enjoy!

Video: What have you done to me Michelle

Mom outside my Dad's cabin
Mom outside my Dad's cabin
The Gentlemen of the Ranch
The Gentlemen of the Ranch
I am in the studio
I am in the studio
Rocky mountain high
Rocky mountain high

Below is a video I took of my mom before we got out of the car to visit the cabin she lived in with my Dad.  Password is tkmember

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We Made it to the Ranch!


This is an exciting day.  We finally made it to Colorado.  Currently I am sitting at the Yellow Deli Cafe with the crew and my kids about to eat a supper hippie dippie breakfast with Mate.  This place is cool. After breakfast we are heading up to Caribou Ranch.  Finally this day is hear.  I can't wait to revisit a place that was so special to my Dad and my Mom.  My mom is with me and a little nervous to revisit that time in her life.  She brought a picture of her and her dad at the ranch and she is three month pregnant with me.

We will take lots of photos and post them here as soon as.

Thanks Members


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From our meeting on music:

Adam Mosely is our sound mixer and also a big Terry Kath fan.  He is so rad and has worked with some amazing artists (will do a post about him later) Here is a little video from our meeting last week regarding some of his ideas for music in the film.

Video: Mr Adam Mosley
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I have set some major goals and deadlines for this project which have been keeping me up at night.  We are shooting for submitting to film festivals in the fall and having a finish product by the new year!!!!!   I really want to make this work.  I can't wait to share the film with all of you. Any thoughts?  Always love to hear from you all

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Reviewing Footage:

In preparation for our next fund raiser and first teaser, i have spend the past couple weeks reviewing footage.  It took me a while to do this because I was nervous about seeing myself and hearing my voice thinking that I would focus to much on criticize myself.  but this is not the case at all.  Probably for the first time am actually hearing the stories that were shared.  Amazing, heartfelt and totally rock'nroll stories.  It is all coming together.

Can't wait to share with you.


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Call all legends:

Got to interview JOE WALSH!  So thankful that he took the time before their tour to set down with me in this amazing vintage style recording studio in North Hollywood. More pictures to come:

BELOW:  Joe getting ready for me.


BELOW:  The Director of Photography Jordan and producer/camera/editor Tony having too much fun in the studio.

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Hanging out with my Dad's Homies:

This is a photo the crew setting for one of the most eyeopening and heartfelt interviews yet.  Why, you may ask?  Well this man hung out with my Dad almost everyday in the final years of his life.  He was on the road with Chicago and when not on the road was at my Dad's side having good old fun.  His stories were the most candid thus far and I really got into the mind of my father.  I appreciate his words and understand how hard it is to revisit this time in his life. This man completed the trio which included Dad and Hank Steiger.  For those of you who follow the history of the band or where there you may know who I am referring.  Mr Jerry Vaccarino, once the care taker to gear for the Band Chicago and currently the road manager for the Eagles.  Hank was my dad's good friend and care taker of his guitars on the road.  Since Hank passed some years back making Jerry the closest I will get to hearing stories about these moments on and off the road.

Can't wait for you all to see this.

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