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Living in the Memory

I have been home about two week from my trip to Chicago and I can't stop thinking about it.  The experience I had was all that I hoped.  To me this part of the journey took me back in time to my Dad's youth.  To hang about with people that were around at the time, to walk the halls of his school and to hear my Uncle's stories moved me.  I feel all that much closer to him. I am excited to announce that we are working on a teaser with all the footage we have shoot thus far.  You guys will be the first to preview it.


Thanks for you support .

You rock!


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Today I meet with my Uncle and visited my Dad's youth:

This is my favorit picture from yesterday.  I spent the morning with my uncle and he shared amazing stories with me.  I learned things I never knew.  So thankful to him.

James, Jen, Tony and Jason at the start of the day looking very pepy at 7 in the morning.  This was the start of a long but fun day.

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