Fun Film Facts

  • Terry's famous fender telecaster with the Pignose stickers has become a character in the film. It has been replicated many times by fans who have even gone so far as to remake the stickers. The question every interviewee has asked is "Where is the guitar?" Michelle and Fender would like to know as well. So far, the guitar has not been found but Michelle's journey is not over and we are excited to locate the priceless piece.

  • Joe Walsh would like to know exactly what '25 or 6 to 4' means. Other famous musicians interviewed for the film are Jeff Lynn, Steve Lukather, Mike Campbell and Dean DeLeo.

  • Michelle and her crew where the last visitors to Caribou Ranch on the very last day before the keys were handed over to the new owners. Michelle's mom, who had not visited the ranch in over thirty years, was also part of the crew that day. Both of these events made the day very emotional for all.

Latest news

Following the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, in which the film received a standing ovation and was noted as being one of the highlights of the festival, The Terry Kath Experience was picked up by Film Rise.  Almost a year to date from the world premier AXS TV, the prime destination for classic rock programming, picks up the acclaimed documentary and airs it for the first time to the public on Tuesday, November 7 2017. 


Terry Kath Experience : A Daughter's Journey  is a documentary about a daughter discovering the legacy of her father, the late Terry Kath.  Kath was one of the founding members of the band Chicago whose powerful guitar playing and husky, melodic voice has been praised by such icons as Jimi Hendrix, Joe Walsh and Eric Clapton.  Before discovering his full potential as a guitar icon, Kath’s life ended tragically at age 32.
Terry's daughter Michelle was only two years old when he passed only knowing him through his music and stories from her mother.  After discovering a box of memorabilia Michelle sets out on a journey to get to know her father and to search for his iconic lost guitar.  In this documentary, Michelle interviews her dad's family, bandmates, and good friends, as well as prominent musicians, to piece together the life of her father, one of the great unsung rock legends on the 1970’s.

Message from Michelle:

"The idea to make a film about my father came to me many years ago when, in looking through old photos of him, I realized that I didn't know his full story.  I've since learned that his is the quintessential story of an all-American boy raised in the midwest, who, at a young age, picks up a guitar, falls in love with it, and goes on to become a famous 70's rock star.  With all the highs and lows that come along with success, my father's life ended suddenly before my 3rd birthday.

My journey of discovery began with the first interview.  I could only have dreamed that making this film would bring me this much closer to my father and would help me better understand the man he was and the decisions he made.  Meeting these people and hearing their stories are memories that will stay with me forever.  I am forever grateful to all that have helped me to take this journey and to discover this man."

Click here to read Cameron Bailey's write up on the film for the TIFF page.




Your Contribution

 Our team has had two successful fund raising campaigns that have allowed family, friends and fans to be a part of the making of this film.  This has allowed us to truly tell this amazing story and keep all the music that helps Chicago to shine.