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This is the official site for guitar legend Terry Kath. 
Ever since his passing in 1978 Terry's fans have
been searching for ways to honor his talents.  
There are numerous forums and websites dedicated
 to his memory.  In his name there have been tribute 
concerts and tribute bands.  Fans have recreated
his guitars and scour the Internet for new pictures
of him.  Terry's family and friends have always
been delights by the fans that continuously honor
Terry's legend.

Now we want to give back to you, the fan.  We, the
Terry Kath team, are working to build a site that offers
something unique to what others have done in the
past.  Our goal is to give you further insight into this
rock legend.   This means that we will take the time
to seriously consider the content that is shared here
to make sure that we are providing a fresh perspective
into the mind of Terry Kath.

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On November 1, 2011 Michelle and her producer
Dollena completed a notable campaign on  They raised $46,171 with only 299
backers to begin production on the documentary
about Terry Kath.  This is phenomenal and shows
that there is an audience that wants this movie made. 
The campaign was active for forty days and in that
time Michelle and Dollena raised awareness about
the film to many music communities.  The Terry Kath
and Chicago related websites caught on to the buzz,
there were write-ups on various music blogs and
a couple of internet radio interviews.  Since then
the Terry Kath Fan Group and the Terry Kath
Community gain new members everyday. 

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First I would like to thank all the fans for their support. 
I continuously receive letters from fans sharing their
Terry Kath experiences with me, weather it was a time
they saw him in concert, when they had a chance to
meet him or a meaningful moment that his music gave
to them.  No matter what the letters says it always
ends with a wonderful sentiment about my father.

It was important for me to create this website, not only
for the fans, but also to display the raw talent and true
genius of my dad.  I always felt that he never got the
credit he deserved for his contribution to guitar. 
His approach to playing and writing music were
unique to his own.  I was always saddened by his
untimely death, not only because I missed out on...

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