All true art begins with a piece of paper and a pen.  


In this Collectors gift seres, we are giving aways copies of Terry's handwritten poetry and songs in the making.  This collection shows Terry's approach to songwriting.  Each copy will have a handwritten proof of authentication and the number of the print at the bottom.  They will be reprinted onto quality paper that reflects the details of Terry's work and likeness of the original paper.  

These are amazing treasures that give you a peak into the man's mind.  Mix and match or collect them all!


Terry's Poetry      

$50 Donation

Shades of beautiful

Poetry #1    

Shades of Beautiful

One sheet of beautifully written metaphors of love and nature.  There are four different colors of pen, demonstrating his development of the piece possibly while in the studio.  We know he worked this way by looking at other pieces that were recorded.

to once my love.JPG

Poetry #2      

To Once My Love

One sheet torn from his notebook for a possible studio session.  A little love lyric.

girl I want to let you

Poetry #3   

I Want to Let You Know

There seems to be a special intent when he writes in cursive. This two sheet poem doesn't seem to have been developed into a song but it is a beautiful story about new love.

Oh Mama Sweet mama

Poetry #4

Oh Mama, Sweet Mama

One sheet written on Park Royal hotel paper, this is a poem of desire and heated romance.  It shows a playfulness to his romance.  Plus the paper is so very 1970's.

Terry's Lyrics       

$60 Donation

Your Loves an attitude

Lyric #1

Your Love's an Attitude -Previously Unreleased Track

When Rhino purchased Chicago's back catalog, they found this gem and released it in 2002.  This is three sheets of writing that he tore from his journal for recording the demo in studio.

once or twice.JPG

Lyric #2

Once or Twice - Chicago X

One sheet of development for lyrics to the song.  He rarely wrote in cursive which makes one wonder what intent he had when he did.  You can see his original concept and then the corrections in purple.

Alma Mater

Lyric #3

Alma Mater - Chicago V

Amazing development of a classic Chicago song. Two sheets of original concept on Holiday Inn paper as well as two sheets (double sided) from the studio session written on the back of the studio's schedule.

Terry's Compositions

$70 Donations

Introduction music sheet

Composition #1

Introduction - CTA

A fan favorite! Terry didn't read music. He did, however, dictate this tune and compose the nuances.  It leads to questions who wrote this page.  This is two sheets of the 1st song on the 1st album.  Cool water marks and detailed descriptions of what he wanted each player to contribute.

comp jenny.JPG

Composition #2

Jenny - Chicago VI

Written about his dog, this gift is two sheets of music in Terry's unique style.  He didn't write music in notes on a staff but rather by just listing the chords.

comp sixth sence 2.JPG

Composition #3

Sixth Sense - Previously Unreleased Track

When Rhino purchased Chicago's back catalog, they found this gem and released it in 2002.  This is two sheets with Terry's signature and date of compositions

Comp loves and attitude.JPG

Composition #4

Your Love's an Attitude-Previously Unreleased Track

Another track found by Rhino and released in 2002.  This is two pages of music with cool notations in the breaks, such as "cook like hell!"

comp alma mater.JPG

Composition #5

Alma Mater - Chicago V

This is one sheet of music believed to be written for Peter because it has "bass" written on the top.  Also has the titled spelled a different way and makes us wonder if that was intentional.

comp hope for love.JPG

Composition #6 

Hope for Love - Chicago X

Two half sheets of music both with Terry's signature and date. One sheet has "bass" written on the top.